from unmixlove


The sight of wildflowers always transports me as I drive on a country road.

I don’t know the names of these wildflowers. They appear and disappear as new ones appear and disappear. I am always on the lookout for them and wonder what types will appear next.  There is a similarity between this pattern and the work I’ve done all my life – meeting new people and wondering who I will meet next.

Through my work, I’ve found that people are very different and unique, with each bringing with them different energy. I have come to call these differences ‘beauty.’


This blog is dedicated to those who are searching for the essence of their own beauty.  We share our life stories, beauty tips, and self-care advice to inspire and help each other guide ourselves through life’s ups and downs. It is essentially about learning to grow into yourself and finding your own unique beauty as you metamorphose through your life.


Unmixlove means pure love for yourself.

Unmixlove is essential to one’s growth and vitality.

Unmixlove is an adventure in discovering your authentic and unique beauty.

Pay close attention, and you will find beauty everywhere. It is there like a wildflower.  I hope it inspires you, and I hope you shine!


Yasuo Yoshikawa