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Seeing Through The Eyes of Miyu Hayashida

Miyu Hayashida Model, Actress


Miyu Hayashida
Miyu Hayashida is a 26-year-old model and actress who’s been featured in commercials, films, and various fashion and beauty magazines.

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

As a model, it’s important that I have a beautiful body and complexion. But for me, what’s most important is having a beautiful mind, and to be emotionally aware. I can always tell if someone has these qualities by looking in their eyes. They’ll draw you in.

The Good Earth

At times, I get lonely, and I crave the company of others. But I also cherish my alone time where I know that I can be true to myself.  People like judging others, and often ask questions like: “are you a cat type of person or a dog type of person?” I’m neither. I’m a human being. A human being is an animal, and like all other animals, I take care of myself by resting my body. I love the contrast of my peaceful, restful home, and the energy that I feel when I step into the world outside. Nature is very healing for me. I have a lovely room overlooking a park full of trees. Aromatherapy also helps me relax. I use this natural, essential botanical oil from Young Living called Immuwell. It’s a spicy fragrance with a kick, which is very energizing.

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My Closest Companions

I’ve had this dog for two years. 

He’s my buddy. I play with him all the time. I like spending time with my girlfriends, too. I gravitate towards people who make me feel comfortable. But friends change over the years, throughout different periods of my life, like boyfriends. My needs change as I grow, and so does my social circle.

Making Way For Minimalism

Lately, I’ve taken a more minimalist approach to my makeup. I used to be really into red lipstick, but recently I’ve wanted a bare, transparent, and glossy look. I’ll use Nar’s Lip Balm (Afterglow Lip Balm in Clean Cut) on my lips, and a clear polish on my fingernails.  I also love Chicca’s solid foundation for its flawless, natural finish

I believe my own skin tone is the most beautiful, so I don’t want to change that.  I only want to enhance it. To me, ‘sexiness’ is the emotional connection I have with others and being pure. I believe a woman’s sensuality comes from her sense of innocence, which I enjoy conveying through fragrances. I like layering different perfumes on top of my natural scent.  It’s cool to see how my mood changes when I use contrasting smells. I’ll take my perfumes one by one and line them up

they’re all so pretty and different. I think I would like to make my own perfume someday.

From left: 

Santa Maria Novella

Chanel Allure Eau De Parfum

Gucci-Bloom Eau De Parfum

Givenchy – Live Irresistible for Women Eau De Parfum

Skin-care and Self-care

When it comes to beauty, I try not to be afraid of my differences. I always pay attention to my feelings and stay true to myself. People have different complexions, and what works for one person’s skin may not work for another. I try to be careful when trying new things, and make sure to pay close attention to how I feel. It’s my way of personal self-care.

Photo : Yasuo Yoshikawa

Interview / Text: Yasuo Yoshikawa


After the interview

Whether she is feeling calm or excited, I am witness to all sorts of emotions running through Miyu – joy, warmth, loneliness, insecurity, seriousness…. Her eyes seem to tell all.
As a makeup artist, I find this very endearing, and I sincerely hope she will never lose this ‘precious’ feeling about herself.

Yasuo Yoshikawa